les Vidéos

None of these videos are American. None are intended for learners of French. These are all French videos intended for native French speakers; the visuals are good, and the language is real. Dive into real, everyday French and try out some videos on a subject that interests you.

Watch them more than once. Pick out the words you know and pick up some new words.

More videos coming soon.

la Poésie

Chateaubriand poem with text in French.

Les numéros et les maths

la Cuisine

Children’s cooking show with real recipes that children can make.
Check out the entire channel!

How to set the table – the French way.

Crêpe recipe!

Sans paroles

les Exercices

le Jardin

Simple discussion of gardening as a career.
Great vocabulary visuals.

les Rosiers
How to plant rose bushes.

Starting a vegetable garden.

Pour s’amuser