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The French divide their verbs into three groups. By far the biggest group of French verbs is the “First Group”, what the French call « le premier groupe » and Americans call “—ER verbs.” This group includes over 6,000 verbs. The second and third groups each contain over 300 verbs.

All French verbs that end in -ER in the infinitive, with the exception of aller, are verbs of the premier groupe.

With a few exceptions, all verbs of le premier groupe follow a very simple conjugation pattern. Once you learn how to conjugate this group of verbs, you can conjugate the majority of verbs in the French language.

Work through the quizzes and drills to solidify your knowledge of first group verbs. You can work through them in order, or choose to practice specific concepts.

The quizzes and drills are laid out in order, with the concepts and patterns progressing logically. Each time a new conjugation rule is introduced, the drill (pratique) will have materials that you can click on at the top of the page to see an explanation of the verb pattern. Or you can leave these materials off to use the drill more as a quiz. When you submit one answer, it will be corrected before you move on to the next question so you will have immediate feedback on this new concept and can adjust as you go.

Repeat the drill as many times as you like for practice and comfort. The verbs and questions will change each time you repeat it.

After you have learned two or more conjugation patterns, you will be given a quiz (interro) that will combine these different patterns. Here there will be no materials, and your answers will be corrected at the end of the quiz, instead of after each question, to allow you to assess your progress. Bon courage !